Is “Rocksé” Coming? BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals If She Will Ever Try Rock Music 

This would be amazing!

During her fan Q&A with ELLE Korea, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé responded to fans’ burning questions. One fan asked about which genres of music she would like to try in the future.

A genre of music you haven’t tried yet but would like to try? I would like to see ‘Rocksé’ someday!

— Fan

Fortunately, Rosé was totally on board with the idea!

She grew up with a passion for rock music, so it would be a natural move for her to replicate those same sounds in her music one day.

Many songs that I listen to ever since I was a kid are under the rock genre.

— Rosé

Starting with the acoustic guitar, I’ve always liked playing different instruments and band music, as well.

— Rosé

Not only is Rosé on board with trying the badass genre…

…BLINKs are all about the idea of “Rocksé!”

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