BLACKPINK’s Rosé Explains Why She Titled Her Album “R” And What She Wants To Convey

It’s not as simple as you think!

Vocal queen BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently dropped her first solo album, R. While R obviously stands for Rosé, here’s what it truly means to her.

Although the simplistic title of the album does refer to her own name, Rosé revealed that behind the simplicity, there is something more.

I used the first letter of my name, which many people call me by, referring to my first step as a soloist. Rather than having the alphabet R define me, I hope that when you see me, you will think of the letter R first.

— Rosé

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Rosé also hopes that this album will be able to truthfully convey who she is as solo artist Rosé. Having prepared for this album for a long time, Rosé expressed her excitement to be able to show everyone what she has kept brewing. She made sure to thank BLINKs who waited for this, hoping they would like the album.

While preparing for the album, I had much time to look back on myself. I thought that I too, am I person who heals and learns through music. I wanted to prepare an album that was as satisfying to fans as much as they have waited for this solo for a long time. I made the effort to participate in everything, even with just creating the beats at the early stages. It is an album that reflects much of my own opinions, and you can also listen to songs for which was the first time I’ve also participated in lyrics writing. I wanted the album to contain the most honest side of myself, as it is the first time I am introducing myself as the soloist Rosé to the public.

— Rosé

Make sure to tune in to her track below.

Source: Star Today


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