BLINKs Are Losing Their Minds Imagining BLACKPINK’s Rosé With Black Hair For Her Solo Debut — And Honestly, Same

Let this happen. 🙏

A few weeks ago, YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé would soon be making her much-anticipated debut as a solo artist.

| @roses_are_rosie/IG

Possible behind-the-scenes photos of her solo music video shoot have recently circulated the internet, making fans even more excited.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

However, there is one particular vision that BLINKs can’t seem to shake when imagining the possibilities of Rosé’s album, temporarily dubbed “RS1” by fans.

| @kimheejune/Instagram

Ever since BLACKPINK’s debut, Rosé has experimented with hair colors like blonde, magenta, and silver, but has never returned to her predebut roots of natural black hair.

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram
| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

The idea of Rosé reintroducing this stunning look has BLINKs praying for the look of their dreams…

…and even making fan edits of how current-day Rosé would slay the new style!

| @BLINKmf/Twitter
| @Beymixer/Twitter

BLINKs are hoping for a definitive answer by the time BLACKPINK’s live concert “THE SHOW” airs…but not everything is at it seems!

In the end, Rosé slays every hair color so fans will gladly accept any style she picks for her upcoming solo album!

| @kimheejune/Instagram