BLACKPINK Gave Rosé The Warmest Welcome When She Became The Last Person To Move Into Their Trainee Dorm

Here’s everything that happened that night.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, BLACKPINK looked back on their first meeting together.


They lived as trainees in a three bedroom apartment with faded ivory walls. Two members shared a room while their manager stayed solo in another. What fans knew beforehand was that Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa were the ones who lived together prior to the day Rosé joined them in 2012.

The way they greeted her proved that their bond was naturally close since the start! The three requested for Rosé to play a song for them on her guitar almost immediately after she entered the dorm.

I think Jennie said, ‘Chaeyoung, play something for us!’ So we sat around the kitchen table with my guitar. Jisoo was great at harmonizing.

— Rosé

Rosé Pre-Debut

Their love for music was seen in the way they instantly became friends by jamming together.

We started out sitting in chairs and then gradually went up onto the table. Everyone was like ‘Wooooo.’ It was so much fun.

— Lisa

BLACKPINK singing together in Episode 5 of “24/365 BLACKPINK”  

They talked and sang for so long, the night soon turned into day. Jisoo noted, “My seat was facing the kitchen window; I remember the sun rising.” Rosé added that they were fortunate the other people living on their floor did not ask them to quiet down: “Gosh, we’re lucky our neighbors didn’t complain.”

Though BLACKPINK lost out on sleep the day their main vocalist moved in, they gained an unbreakable friendship. Rosé was also able to ignore the pain of being separated from her family while she hung out with her members.

You know, if you’d gone to bed early that day, you might have felt sadder.

— Jennie


After their singing session, the girls played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who would use the only bathroom first thing in the morning, and the rest was history.

The dorm room in BLACKPINK House

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Source: Rolling Stone