Here’s How BLACKPINK Managed To Make Even School Uniforms Look Expensive…Styling Tips For Each Body Type

It’s all in the details!

BLACKPINK hit a home run with their fashion styling – this time for their appearance on Knowing Bros. As the program runs on a school concept, the girls had to dress in uniform-like outfits. However, these girls took things up a notch, amazing fans and the public once again.

While the girls are beautiful no matter where and when, their stylist is always great at dressing them to fit each of their individual styles and body types. Make no mistake – all bodies are beautiful. However, it’s undeniable that clothes can help highlight one’s best points and cover up insecurities!

Jennie‘s style is a mixture of high-teen preppy and kid-like humor. She often finds small ways to spice up her outfit, such as her well-known smiling flower bag charm. This time, she adds a pure white muffler for a cutesy touch.

Her bag, a plain white baguette style, has been spiced up by a crystal chain. The Nieeh Ice Bag goes for ₩175,000 KRW ($152 USD). She added a twilly to it to give a pop of color to her otherwise neutral palette.

Compared to the other girls, Jennie is dressed in full-on prep, with a grey argyle sweater vest, long sleeves and a matching pleated skirt. Classic, just like her!

Jisoo‘s style is more girly and princess-like, befitting of her visuals! Perhaps what stands out the most is that she’s decked out in many, many accessories from Dior. The Dior logo belt is the highlight of her outfit. It also draws attention to her small waist.

Did you notice that instead of a tie or ribbon, Jisoo used a Dior logo choker necklace instead? Most of it has been hidden beneath the buttoned-up collar, but the metallic “CD” charm makes for a subtle but charming point.

Her outfit is completed by GUIZIO‘s Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Top ($480 USD). Knit vests are extremely trendy in South Korea now, and this one lends some texture while being unique due to the crop vest. The puff sleeves also make her look all the more elegant.

Rosé often goes for casual sporty looks that highlight her ant-waist. The original vest top, from CURETTY ($64) has been altered into a crop with short sleeves. By making the white undershirt a crop length as well, it removes unnecessary bulk from the body.

She pairs it with lowcut Doc Martens and white ankle socks. She also has minimal accessories on, unlike the other girls.

While we would love to see the look spiced up with some YSL accessories like their latest satchel, Rosé proves that sometimes, simple is best. The collar is also kept open to highlight her delicate and long neck!

Last but not least, Lisa is dressed to kill with her sophisticated fit! While the overall look is kept polished, the Doc Martens paired with black socks give it her signature edge.

She sports the Celine Embroidered Blouse in Silk Crepe ($2980 USD) and a wool-blend jacket from their latest S/S 2020 collection. The jacket has structured shoulders, balancing out the A-line skirt and her tiny waist. While her outfit screams expensive boss lady, we love the small street touches such as her blond highlights.

Of course, she made sure to pair it with accessories from BVLGARI, namely the necklace and bracelet from their B.zerol collection.

While one can’t ever copy BLACKPINK’s trademark swag, at the very least, we can take some inspiration from their styling!


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