(★TRENDING) BLACKPINK’s Immature Fans Have Their Own Fandom Name, BLONKs

BLINKs want to clarify that immature fans do not belong in their fandom.

BLACKPINK’s fandom name may be BLINKs, but according to some fans, immature fans can be referred to by their own names, BLONKs.


BLINKs came under fire recently for sending hate comments to TWICE for performing a cover of “So Hot,” which BLACKPINK also covered late last year.

(★TRENDING) International BLINKs Attack TWICE For Covering Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”


However, according to BLINKs on Twitter, the haters who were cursing at TWICE were not BLINKs at all, but rather, BLONKs.


Similarly, when fans and Instagram attacked TWICE’s Chaeyoung for “copying” Lisa’s hairstyle, BLINKs on Twitter also denied they were part of the “real” BLINK fandom.


But apparently BLONKs aren’t the first group of immature fans to earn their own fandom name.

Immature EXO-Ls are referred to as “Eggs,” while immature ARMYs are called “No Jams.”


While it’s good to know that fans don’t consider immature haters as part of their fandom, it’s quite concerning that they’ve grown so much that they’ve gained their own names.