BLACKSWAN’s Fatou Joins BTS Jin’s “Super Tuna” Challenge

She’s a Jin stan!

BTS‘s Jin has officially taken over the internet with his solo “Super Tuna.”

BTS’s Jin “Super Tuna.” | BIGHIT MUSIC

The catchy tune with its choreography is just so addictive; we’re literally obsessed.

“Super Tuna” MV. | BANGTANTV/YouTube

It’s got us literally wearing fish costumes, all in hopes of becoming the “super tuna” of Jin’s dreams.


Not my mom in the back 😭 #jin #supertunachallenge #supertuna #bts_official_bighit #bts #btsarmy #kimseokjin #btsjin

♬ sonido original – FerjinπŸ’œ

We’re out here buying dog toys, trying to recreate Jin’s iconic look from the choreography MV.


I EVEN EDITED IT THE SAME, I CANT #supertuna #supertunachallenge

♬ super tuna by seokjin – π’‹π’‚π’Œπ’†π’š’𝒔

“Super Tuna” has officially dethroned “Baby Shark” as kids everywhere can’t stop replaying the song.

Now, the influence of “Super Tuna” has reached not only ARMYs and kids but even idols too.

As you may know already, BLACKSWAN‘s Fatou is a queen. And we’re always blessed whenever she posts on TikTok.


Never been with a baddie #λΈ”λž™μŠ€μ™„ #blackswan #fyp #μΆ”μ²œ #fatou

♬ Own Brand Freestyle – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac

Her latest upload, though, is the TikTok to end all TikToks. She surprised her followers by posting a cute dance video in her pajamas…


…as she participated in Jin’s “Super Tuna” dance challenge! As with any dance challenge, she absolutely slayed.

She even added her own touch at the end. We love it!

We’re definitely suspicious Fatou may be Jin-biased. Who can blame her?

Watch Fatou’s “Super Tuna” dance challenge below:


In my pajamas, now you’ve probably seen every side of me hahaha how was your weekend?πŸ’œ #λΈ”λž™μŠ€μ™„ #blackswan #fyp #μΆ”μ²œ #fatou

♬ super tuna by seokjin – π’‹π’‚π’Œπ’†π’š’𝒔

Source: @b_fatou_s