“Free Palestine, Free Congo” — BLACKSWAN Fatou’s Latest Show Of Support Sparks A Heated Discussion

Fatou has been outspoken with ehr support.

The multi-national girl group BLACKSWAN have often gained attention for not having Korean members following a long group history, but they have worked hard to show the world their talent. This has led many to support the K-Pop group chasing their dreams.

BLACKSWAN | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Another aspect of BLACKSWAN that fans love is how unfiltered the group is at all times. This usually results in humorous moments during the group’s livestreams…

…but also appears for more serious topics, as well.

In particular, Fatou has been direct and outspoken about her support for Palestine, often sharing pro-Palestine messages during these same live streams.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou | @b_fatou_s/Instagram

Recently, Fatou’s latest show of support for those suffering during humanitarian crises sparked a discussion.

During a recent live stream, Fatou appears to respond to a comment by saying “Free Palestine,” repeating the statement as “obvious.”

Free Palestine, obviously. Free Palestine, free Palestine. I’ll say it how many, as how many times, I’ll say it a thousand times. Free Palestine, free Palestine. Let them be free.

— Fatou

In a clip from the same live, she continues discussing the statement, wondering out loud why it was “something so difficult.” She repeats “Free Palestine,” adding “Free Congo” and says that it is simply “being a human.

I don’t know why that’s something so difficult to say. Just say free Palestine, that’s it. Free Congo, that’s it. It’s just being a human, it’s not difficult.

— Fatou

Many appreciated the comments coming from Fatou, as many idols have not been open with their support.

Others took her comment as a way of questioning her peers, other K-Pop idols, for their lack of support. One argument defending idols for remaining quiet on their stance has offered the explanation that it could be career damaging, or that their companies have instructed them not to.

Many reason that Fatou is from a lesser known company and faces a greater “risk” for showing support and that there are no “excuses” for not doing so.

Rather than using idols as a moral compass, many fans wish for them to use their positions to spread awareness, which can lead to more direct support like donations.


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