BLINKs Trend #ApologizeToJennie After Truth About BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Lazy Dancing” Comes To Light

They once told her she was “better off as a model”.

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s “lazy dancing” tag has followed her through her career despite the fact that the non-issue occurred over two years ago. During the peak of her rising popularity around the time she released “SOLO”, Jennie began to face accusations of half-heartedly performing for group performances compared to her own stages.

The hate hit a peak with the fancam below, where many compared her to the other members and accused her of being lazy. The top rated comment even stated that she “has potential” but was “better off as a model”.

The hate caused her to go through extremely emotional times – did she go through hell and back to achieve her dreams, only to be brought down by haters that didn’t know the truth? For years no clarification was released by the company, YG Entertainment, or fans even, until recently, when a BLINK made it known on community site, PANN, that Jennie’s ankle had been injured countless times during her promotional journey.

Jennie’s hurt ankle during the Japanese tour. | @jennierubyjane/Instagram via PANN

Jennie has the weakest constitution and body out of all 4 members, and her initial ankle mishap put her in a bad shape. As many might know, the ankle is one of the fussiest injuries to have, as once you have hurt it one time, it is easy for it to act up again subsequently at the slightest accident. Despite that, she always wore heels or platforms during performances, to look her best for the performances.


It was once even reported nearing her debut days that she hurt her ankle during a pre-recording for Inkigayo and was rushed to the hospital. Jennie took painkillers and was back up on stage for the performance later that day.


She even fell down the steps during the Japanese leg of their world tour. Members rushed towards her worriedly as she reassured everyone she was fine.


However, the strain on her ankle was so bad that she was unable to dance for the next day of performances and she had to sit out on the steps. 


Even as time passed, Jennie’s ankle can be still seen as sensitive. When she was at the airport, a carrier bumped into her ankle slightly, but Jennie seemed to be in lots of pain. It was also reported that at a concert, Rosé dropped her microphone accidentally on Jennie’s foot, and was extremely worried for Jennie as it was close to her ankle.


Many still bring up her “lazy dancing” as an issue when a debate over Jennie arises, despite not knowing the injuries she suffered through. Even today, some still comment that she “injured her ankle, not her arms”, stating that it was not an excuse for the lazy dancing.

Due to the post that has come to light, many BLINKs are now trending, #ApologizeToJennie, asking those that hated on her for her “lazy dancing” to admit their mistakes.

Many have also stepped up to praise the lovable dumpling for her work ethic and love towards the fans.

Not only is Jennie extremely dedicated to her fans, she is also dedicated to putting on the best performance she can! Jisoo has also mentioned that Jennie works hard to overcome her natural body constitution, and goes for pilates in the mornings before music show performances to strengthen her body. With the clarification about her dancing, perhaps now Jennie will be able to greet fans with a brighter smile!

Source: PANN

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