BlockBerry Creative Firmly Denies LOONA Hyunjin’s Dating Rumors

They have firmly denied it.

BlockBerry Creative has firmly denied the dating rumors surrounding LOONA‘s Hyunjin.

Earlier in the week, a gossip YouTube channel rumored that LOONA’s Hyunjin and rapper A-FLOW were in a relationship and that they were displaying their relationship on Hyunjin’s private Instagram account. They claimed that she revealed couple rings and directly tagged his account. The YouTuber also pointed out how Hyunjin is 21 years old and A-FLOW is 44 years old, meaning there would be a 23-year age gap.

BlockBerry Creative has since released a statement to Wikitree stating that the rumors were completely false and would be taking legal action.

We would like to tell you that all [of the rumors] are false. We will take a strong legal response to the malicious rumors from YouTube.

— BlockBerry Creative

Source: Wikitree