Blockberry Creative Officially Denies LOONA Chuu’s School Violence And Bullying, Promises Legal Action

They have denied the claims.

Blockberry Creative has released a statement regarding LOONA Chuu‘s bullying rumors, where they denied the accusations and promised to take legal action against the OP.

| Mnet

In their official statement, Blockberry Creative stated that the claims made by the individual are different from truth, and that they will do everything they can to protect their artists.

Hello, this is Blockberry Creative.

We would like to share our official position regarding an issue related to LOONA that is spreading online.

First of all, we will do our best to clarify the issue and its related contents in order to prevent any further victims.

We would like to inform everyone that the claims raised by the accuser contains contents that are different than what is true. And we need to make sure that there are no more reckless spreading of rumors.

We would also like to inform you that we will take every possible action in the event that our artists’ reputation or image is damaged due to unfounded rumors and false information.

In addition, we will not overlook the situation and make every effort to protect the rights and interests of our artists.

Lastly, please refrain from making speculative reports based on unilateral, unconfirmed claims.

Thank you.

— Blockberry Creative

Chuu was accused of making other students into outcasts, and at the time the allegations broke out, Blockberry Creative was unable to be reached for comment.