BlockBerry Creative’s Petition To Block Chuu’s Activities Reaches Judgement From Disciplinary Committee

A decision has finally been made.

Following a long battle between former LOONA member Chuu and her former company BlockBerry Creative, the issue took a turn in February when news sites revealed that the label had petitioned to suspend Chuu’s activities. The report came from the Korea Entertainment Management Association itself, with the institution revealing that BlockBerry Creative had petitioned it all the way back in December 2022.

The K-Pop agency claimed that Chuu had violated the terms of the contract she signed with them by singing with a new label, BY4MSTUDIO, whilst still being bound by her exclusive active contract with BlockBerry.

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

After weeks of investigation, KEMA revealed on April 4 that the committee had reached an evaluation for the situation and that chose to side with Chuu. KEMA dismissed BlockBerry’s petition to ban Chuu’s domestic entertainment activities.

TV Report revealed that KEMA had deemed BlockBerry’s claims and assumptions made on insufficient grounds.

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

According to the reports, there was no evidence found during the investigation that Chuu had made contact before the idol’s exclusive contract with BlockBerry had been terminated.  KEMA also suggested BlockBerry should discuss and address these claims in court, during their ongoing legal feud with Chuu.

| BlockBerry Creative

This development follows a long line of developments between Chuu and BlockBerry Creative. The feud first started in November 2022, when the label announced she was removed from the group because of alleged violent language towards the company’s staff members and “power-tripping.” The announcement caused BlockBerry to face a lot of backlash, with multiple people who are part of the South Korean entertainment industry backing Chuu’s claims that she had done no such thing.

Just weeks later, the K-Pop label announced that LOONA would be making a comeback with the 11 remaining members. This was later indefinitely postponed due to nine of the group’s members making legal claims to suspend their exclusive contracts. Since then, four of the members, Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry have successfully terminated their contracts with BlockBerry Creative and signed with Modhaus. Modhaus is run by LOONA’s infamous former creative director Jaden Jeong.

Five of the remaining members: Haseul, Yves, Olivia Hye, Gowon, and Yeojin saw their injunctions face rejection, whereas Vivi and Hyunjin are still waiting for the verdict on the claims they reportedly filed in February.