Fans Concerned As Kim Seon Ho Is Blurred Out Of “Start-Up” Clips On tvN

“Don’t they only mosaic out criminals?”

With Kim Seon Ho‘s recent controversy after an ex-girlfriend hit him with accusations of gaslighting, he has not only been removed from the various homepages of the brands he used to model for, he has also been removed from variety shows such as 2D1N and a couple of future movies. It seems like things aren’t looking up for the star despite having resolved the issue with his ex-girlfriend.

Fans noticed that he had been recently blurred out of some clips of Start-up. Start-up was one of the dramas that really propelled him to fame as many became fans of his character, Han Jipyeong. Clips of various dramas are showcased under the show, Hong Jinkyung’s Glorious Devotee Life. During a recent broadcast, Kim Seon Ho’s face had been blurred out.

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As he is quite a significant presence in the show, it would have been difficult to blur him out of many scenes. His character does not appear that much in this one. However, he was blurred out even when he is seen in the peripheral.

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Netizens and fans grew concerned at the measures being taken against Kim Seon Ho.

  • Joo Ji Hoon did drugs and he’s still coming out confidently f*ck”
  • “He’s being cut off like that by broadcasters but the fans are still trying to manipulate public opinion, it’s heartbreaking.”
  • “No but it’s not like he killed a person or gambled (gambling is illegal in South Korea) so the mosaic is going too far.”
  • “This is going too far. Don’t they only mosaic out criminals? Kim Seon Ho isn’t a criminal. This is too much.”
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Kim Seon Ho was recently hit with accusations of gaslighting and pressuring his ex-girlfriend to abort a baby. He has since apologized for his actions and the matter with his ex-girlfriend has been resolved,

Source: Khan and Pann

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