The Status For Kim Seon Ho’s 3 Upcoming Movies Is Now In Doubt Following His Scandal

He may be removed from them.

Kim Seon Ho was planned to star in three movies that would begin filming at the end of the year, but now those are in doubt due to the revelation of his scandal.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, Kim Seon Ho is scheduled to film three movies beginning in November. Starting in November with Tristes Tropiques, Dog Days in December, and 2pm Date in March. However, due to the rise of his scandal and his recent admission to inconsiderate actions, the status of his appearance in all three movies is unclear. Star News is reporting that Kim Seon Ho has yet to formally sign a contract with all three movies due to coordinating last-minute issues such as the appearance fee.

Tristes Tropiques is the most urgent movie that will require a decision, as they begin filming next month in November. Because the filming is so soon, it is not easy for the production team to find a replacement actor or postpone filming. The production team intends on holding a meeting soon to determine whether or not to replace Kim Seon Ho with another actor or to push ahead with filming.

Dog Days will likely hold a meeting with the intentions of finding a replacement actor, as it is impossible for the production team to postpone filming due to the other actors’ schedules. 2pm Date has a few months until they start filming, so the production team has started holding internal discussions on whether to replace Kim Seon Ho or not. A source close to Kim Seon Ho stated that he would follow whatever decision the production companies make, according to their policies.

Source: Star News

Actor Kim Seon Ho's Scandal

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