BoA Cleared Of All Charges Related To Suspicions Of Her Illegally Importing Sleeping Pills From Japan

She has been cleared.

BoA has been cleared of all charges related to the suspicions of her illegally importing sleeping pills from Japan.


SM Entertainment made the announcement in their press release shared with various media outlets, including Sports Donga.

This is SM Entertainment.

In relation to the report from last year involving our artist BoA, prosecution issued a non-indictment verdict at the end of May.

Our staff delivered the sleeping pills that BoA was prescribed during her activities in Japan to Korea, but failed to comply with the process required to document medicines because they did not know the relevant laws and procedures required. BoA and our staff worked diligently on the investigation, explaining the doctor’s prescription in detail, the domestic delivery process, and the lack of confirmation or relevant laws and regulations. In consideration of this, prosecution has decided not to indict BoA and our employees.

Once again, we are sorry to have troubled many people with this incident. In the future, we will be more careful so that our employees can accurately understand and comply with the relevant laws and guidelines. Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

Back in December 2020, BoA was accused of importing the aforementioned sleeping pills into Korea without properly following procedures.

Source: Sports Donga