BoA And Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Reveals Their Stress As Idols

See how BoA and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny share the pressures of being older idols.

BoA and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny are set to appear on tvN‘s On And Off on November 21.


The program revealed a preview of BoA and Sunny having an intimate conversation while sharing a meal together.

| On And Off

In the clip, Sunny asks her sunbae if she takes care of her body. As an idol, fans would assume that BoA does. And BoA did reply that she does maintain care for her body, but she gives a deeper answer as to why.

At this moment of the preview, BoA replied that she takes care of her body because of all the younger idols around her. She told Sunny that she “feels burdened having to share the same frame with them.”

BoA debuted as a soloist in 2000 and is currently 34 years old. Though 34 is not old age, she is a sunbae to most idols. Sunny reveals that she feels the same and states “I am also 32 already.”

The conversation goes even deeper as Sunny claims she always feels she has “homework” to do so many things. She realizes that wanting to do something and actually being able to it are different.

Ultimately, Sunny shares that her confidence has diminished over the years.

Check out the full preview below:


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