BoA Admits That She Shares Similar Views As Park Jin Young As An Aging K-Pop Star

She looks up to him.

In light of BoA‘s 20th debut anniversary and her comeback, “BETTER”, the OG K-Pop star appeared on SBS‘s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time where she opened up about her views as an aging K-Pop star.


BoA confessed that in order to keep up with the younger idols, she makes a great deal of effort to stay in shape.

I lost a lot of weight for this comeback. I exercised and received help with the maintenance. Now that I’m in my mid 30s, I have to dance with hoobaes who are 12 years younger. I had to make a lot of effort so that I don’t fall behind.

— BoA

BoA expressed her worry that such efforts might be making her age even quicker, but she can’t help it because this is what she truly wants.

If I think about my age, I wonder if this effort is making me age even quicker. But I always just want to be better and look cool. I maintain my body because of that greed.

— BoA

She then went on to mention Park Jin Young and compared her values to his as an idol moving into her 40s.

Just like how Park Jin Young said he keeps in shape so that he can dance when he’s in his 60s, I want to dance well in my 40s just like him.

— BoA

Despite having debuted 20 years ago, considering she debuted at the young age of 15, she’s still only 35 years old.

But with many newly debuting idols being teenagers, BoA has been expressing her worry regarding the condition of her body as she gets older.

Here’s hoping she keeps slaying into her 40s and onwards.

Source: Dispatch