BoA Shows What It Truly Means To Embody The Y2K Trend With New Stickerbooth Photos

“This is the real deal.”

The Y2K aesthetic has been trendy in K-Pop ever since 2021. The look is inspired by “high teen movies” and early 2000s aesthetics. Sunmi is especially known for remaining loyal to the aesthetic throughout her comebacks, including “You Can’t Sit With Us.”


The look has also spawned in more creative ways, such as Red Velvet Joy‘s album art for “HELLO.” The sticker aesthetic and her outfit were very much inspired by Y2K.

| SM Entertainment

Last but not least, the recent debut, NewJeans, also went viral for their concept, which was based on late 90s and early 2000s trends. Haerin was spotted sipping glass bottled cola with streaks in her hair and a pair of headphones on.


Singer BoA recently went viral after she posted a series of sticker booth shots. Many netizens were amazed to see the shots, calling her “the real Y2K.”

| @boakwon/Instagram

BoA will soon be releasing a new single, “Forgive Me.” It seems like the album’s aesthetics are very much based on the Avril Lavigne, early 2000s look.

| @boakwon/Instagram

Netizens praised her vibe and visuals. As she made her debut in the early 2000s, she’s truly the real Y2K!

| theqoo
  • “Unnie is the best.”
  • “I thought she took them during the real Y2K era and saved it, my god.”
  • “This is the real deal.”
  • “Wow, those pics where you do the hands by the sides of your face and have only the nose and lips in the frame was what I often saw in mags and ads in the 2000s. I love this.”
  • “This is the real thing.”
  • “Seasoned pro fr.”

She truly demonstrated what is means to be Y2K! Check out more of her album art below.

Source: theqoo