Bobby Chung’s Past Interview About His Dating Style Resurfaces In Light Of Sexual Assault Rumors

“I’m more interested in sex than dating.”

In light of the rumors that the composer, Bobby Chung could be the accused perpetrator who reportedly drugged, sexually assaulted, and filmed the late aspiring singer, Ms. Song (27) before she took her own life in April, one of his past interviews resurfaced in the online community.

While it is still unconfirmed, netizens are accusing Bobby Chung of being the perpetrator after it was revealed that the blurred photo used in MBC Newsdesk‘s report was from his YouTube performance video.

Meanwhile, Bobby Chung’s answer to what his dating style is like in a 2016 interview with the magazine, Singles came to light.

When he was asked how much of his brain was consumed by dating, Bobby Chung immediately expressed his love for sex above all else.

I’m more interested in sex than dating. I’m intersted in women for the purpose of sex. I wonder how it’s possible that women can give me such pleasure. But there are also times when we have good conversations, too.

— Bobby Chung

| @orange_psycho/Instagram

And when he was questioned when he began to think that way, Bobby Chung revealed that it had always been that way.

I think it’s pretty natural to think this way.

— Bobby Chung

| @orange_psycho/Instagram

Bobby Chung continued to share his belief that sex is the foundation of relationships between a man and a woman and stressed that it is a two-sided activity.

Sex suggests the methods of how men and women maintain relationships and live together. You may think the man always starts it, but after 5 minutes, it’s the woman’s game.

— Bobby Chung

Bobby Chung has yet to respond to the rumors regarding his relation to the sexual assault accusations.

| @orange_psycho/Instagram

Meanwhile, his Instagram account has been switched to private, and his upcoming performance in the duo, Autumn Vacation has been canceled.

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