BOL4 Ahn Ji Young Explains Why She Unfollowed Woo Ji Yoon, Confesses She’s Suffering From Depression

Ahn Ji Young revealed that she goes to therapy every week.

Ever since Woo Ji Yoon withdrew from the BOL4 duo back in April, both Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon faced controversy regarding suspicion of Woo Ji Yoon’s mistreatment during her time in the duo as well as the accusation that Woo Ji Yoon attacked Ahn Ji Young through the lyrics of her new solo songs.

Although both sides have denied the accusations, Ahn Ji Young recently posted a lengthy message on Instagram Story revealing her true thoughts.

The post reads as follows:

Before her withdrawal was formalized, she had told me that she wanted to take a break, and after that when I talked to the agency, I was told that she wanted to withdraw from the duo because of issues regarding her career path. And as you all know, the same was said in the handwritten letter. And around the time things were formalized, I heard that she told fellow artists, staff, and friends that things were wrapped up on a good note with me. And she wasn’t mistreated even once during her time with us, so I don’t understand it when I hear that things ended badly.

I looked over the lyrics of ODDCHILD (Woo Ji Yoon)’s ‘DODO’ and over and over. Same goes for “Island.” Whatever the intention was, I thought that it sounded like it was about me no matter who read it, so I had a hard time for a while. Within the lyrics of 36 seconds, ‘I pushed you’, ‘gaslighting’, ‘self-justification’, ‘I’m relieved I left’, etc. It continued to come up on the real-time search along with malicious comments, criticism, and guesses…

I go to therapy every week, and I’m suffering from depression. It comes out in my dreams every night to harass me, and I have to fight the insomnia. I was no longer able to endure it, and it gave me a hard time every time I saw it, and that’s why I unfollowed her.

Are you happy now that you know why I unfollowed her?

I’m a person too, so I have feelings. And this is my personal social media account, so why do you care if I unfollow someone? I don’t want this to be an issue anymore.

I support her change and new attempt. But stop comparing us, talking about who’s good and who’s bad, and disrespect the precious memories of people and fans who were comforted by BOL4 songs.

– Ahn Ji Young

In the midst of former AOA members, Mina and Jimin‘s online dispute, netizens discovered that Ahn Ji Young stopped following former BOL4 member, Woo Ji Yoon, and demanded answers.

In response, she personally addressed the rumors via Instagram.

Source: Dispatch