Woo Ji Yoon Clarifies Rumors That She Attacked Ahn Ji Young Through Her New Song

She was recently accused of attacking Ahn Ji Young with her new song lyrics.

Woo Ji Yoon recently made her solo debut as ODDCHILD after leaving the BOL4 duo, but she was hit with an unexpected controversy when netizens claimed that she was indirectly attacking former bandmate, Ahn Ji Young in her new song.

Woo Jiyoon’s New Song Gaining Attention For Targeting BOL4’s Ahn Jiyoung

Following the release of Woo Ji Yoon’s new song, “DODO”, netizens pointed out lyrics talking about endless desire and greed as well as someone pushing her away and feeling like she was happy that she got out.

And following the controversy, Woo Ji Yoon herself clarified that the rumors are false and that the song was written in January of 2019 before she withdrew from BOL4.

In the Instastory post, Woo Ji Yoon explained,

I worked on “DODO” back in 2019 of which I posted a part of it. And the remaining part became the main part. A verse of “Island” was also completed last summer, and aside from the instrumentals, nothing is different from back then.

– Woo Ji Yoon


In addition to the lyrics in “DODO”, netizens also raised suspicion regarding the lyric, “I don’t care if you fill in the blanks or not” because her former bandmate, Ahn Ji Young recently released a song called “Blank”.

As such, Woo Ji Yoon made it clear to those making speculations that the songs were written before her withdrawal from the duo in April of 2019.

Source: Dispatch