“Boy Group” Mad Monster Makes Headlines For Their Unique Filter Concept

Their true identities are surprising.

Rookie boy group Mad Monster has taken the internet by storm with their very unique concept. The K-Pop duo was featured in the most recent edition of Esquire Korea magazine, where they garnered heavy attention for their “filter” concept.

Mad Monster | Esquire Korea

This rookie “boy group” consists of two members, Tan and J Ho who stunned in the Esquire Korea editorial with their noticeably slim V-shape jawlines and massive eyes.

Tan | Esquire Korea

As the duo continued to make headlines for their distinct concept, netizens dug a little deeper to find out that Mad Monster wasn’t actually a rookie K-Pop group at all! Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the two members of Mad Monster were actually made up of two comedians, Kwak Bum and Lee Chang Ho.

J Ho | Esquire Korea

The two comedians, who run a YouTube channel together called Bbang Song Guk, decided to venture into the K-Pop world when they decided to create an idol parody. They came up with a group name, a concept and a song titled “Mine Rudolph” to make their parody more legitimate. After creating Mad Monster, Kwak Bum and Lee Chang Ho decided to utilize a filter concept on their photos and their music video.

Kwak Bum (left), Lee Chang Ho (right) | Sports Kyunghyang

Not only does the filter conceal their identities from the public, but it also provides a more “K-Pop idol-like aesthetic” for the comedians. The sharp V-line, massive eyes and perfect complexion are just a few things that the filter provides.

| Esquire Korea

The two comedians were previously on Gag Concert, which was a former South Korean comedy sketch program. While the show had been on air for 21 years, they concluded the program back in June 2020. Ever since the finale, many of the comedians found themselves with no job and scrambling for work. Many of the former Gag Concert comedians turned to YouTube to continue creating skits for their fans and these two were no different.

| Newsis

What originally started as a parody slowly began to turn into something more. Kwak Bum and Lee Chang Ho’s idol parody music video garnered over 1 million views on the day of its release. It currently has 5.5 million views and has been receiving positive attention from the public. They even caught the attention of Jay Park, who commented how “annoyed” he was with the song’s catchiness.

| YouTube

Why is this song so good….so annoying haha

— Jay Park

Mad Monster truly proved their soaring popularity, as they recently performed on an episode of M! Countdown. You can watch this rookie “boy group” sing their song “Mine Rudolph” on M! Countdown down below.

Source: Insight
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