“Boys Planet” Contestant Reveals The Real Personality Of A NewJeans Member He Went To School With

His story revealed how she is in real life.

Mnet‘s idol survival program Boys Planet recently wrapped up its final episode on April 20 after enjoying ever-rising popularity in Korea. Apart from the top nine contestants who will be debuting as one group under the name ZEROBASEONE, other trainees have also garnered considerable exposure from the show. As a result, the trainees under RedStart ENM have decided to hold a pre-debut fan meeting in Korea and Japan.

(from left to right) RedStart ENM trainees Kum Jun Hyeon, Kim Min Seong, Choi Woo Jin, and Hong Keon Hee

Ahead of this fan meet, trainee Kum Joon Hyeon shared his experience on the program and also talked about an interesting detail of his life. He was a Hanlim Multi Art School student, attended chiefly by idol trainees. It turns out that Joon Hyeon was a classmate of a Newjeans member!

The trainee revealed that he attended the same classes as Newjeans member Minji and shared some stories of their interactions, which gave fans a new perspective on her true personality.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Joon Hyeon said when he saw Minji on graduation day, he was inspired to become as successful as her as an idol. He recalled an incident when Minji had come to his rescue during an emergency. Joon Hyeon had to use his phone for something, but his device was about to run out of battery. So, he sent a message in his class group chat asking for a portable battery. In the end, it was Minji who came and lent it to him.

Joon Hyeon shared another story of Minji being a helpful friend. After joining Boys Planet, many of his co-contestants kept asking him for Minji’s autograph, and she was very kind to give them to him.

This is probably the first time fans have gotten a peep of Minji’s student life from such close quarters, and it turns out, her personality is as pretty as her face.

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