The Final 18 Contestants Of “Boys Planet” Will Perform Live In Front Of Fans For Their Final Broadcast

The finalists of the show will be known soon!

With 28 of the over ninety original contestants of Boys Planet left on the show, the competition is getting fierce. Viewers all have their favorite trainee(s) that they want to see end up as one of the final nine winners of the show, but there are only so many spaces to be taken up!

And now it has been announced that passionate fans of the competition will have the opportunity to see the contestants perform live in person for the final broadcast of the show.

On April 20, the final 18 contestants will perform live at Jamsil Indoor Arena in front of an audience of about 5,500 people. These 18 finalists will be announced in three days, when global voting has ended and 10 of the remaining contestants will be eliminated from the competition.

During the April 20 live show, the nine winners of Boys Planet will be announced. Audience attendance applications will close on April 9, so if you want to have a chance to attend, make sure not to miss the deadline!

Who are you rooting for to end up as a finalist of Boys Planet?

Boys Planet

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