Former “Boys Planet” Contestant Haruto Gains Attention For His Unserious Posts About Leaving WAKEONE

Whether he was intentionally shading the company or not, it was truly iconic!

Former Boys Planet contestant Haruto has gained attention after his unbothered and iconic posts following the announcement he is leaving K-Pop company WAKEONE.

During his time on the show, netizens fell in love with everything about Haruto, from his unreal performance skills to his charming charisma and visuals. It meant that fans couldn’t hide their shock when Haruto didn’t make it into the final lineup of ZEROBASEONE.


Over the past few years, netizens have had grievances with WakeOne and the treatment of their groups, including TO1 and Kep1er, leading to many being worried about the future of other groups, including ZEROBASEONE.

So, it meant that many fans were relieved when former Boys Planet contestant and fan favorite Haruto revealed on his new Instagram account that he had left the company. In the post, he shared a heartfelt message with fans.

I’ve been at wakeone for almost a year and a half now, and I was able to learn and grow so much.
I’m very grateful to all my teachers, who have always given their best to guide me in becoming a great artist.
It’s a new start and although I’m clueless what’s in store for me, it would mean a lot if you guys will continue to support me :)

— Haruto

Yet, it was his Instagram stories that really had fans LOL’ing.

In his first Instagram stories, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that the trainee was reenacting the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In the film, Harry Potter hides a sock in a book he gives to Dobby, and after opening it, it looks like Lucius Malfoy has gifted it to him, which signifies he has his freedom.

Master has given Haruto a sock. Master has presented Haruto with a piece of clothing.

— Haruto

Of course, netizens were waiting for the iconic line, and Haruto did not disappoint as he explained, “Haruto is freeee….”

If that wasn’t enough, he then posted a video with a Dobby GIF and danced to LE SSERAFIM’s new song “UNFORGIVEN.”

When the posts were shared, netizens couldn’t get over how unbothered Haruto was, and whether his videos were intentional or not, they were iconic. In particular, many pointed out how the former reality show contestant was living up to his Instagram username and was slaying!

He was even commenting on people’s posts and had fans LOL’ing with his responses but also having them wanting Haruto to spill the tea.

While Haruto isn’t sure of his future yet, many hope that he continues his idol career because he has the talent, visuals, and personality to succeed.

Source: @haruto.slay/Instagram

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