“Boys Planet” Haruto Shares Handwritten Letter To Fans After Being Eliminated

We’ll always be rooting for you, Haruto!

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Mnet‘s Boys Planet contestant Haruto is reassuring fans following elimination.

Haruto | Mnet

WAKEONE trainee Maeda Haruto instantly became a fan-favorite when he appeared on Boys Planet. Many clips of his went viral on social media.


⚠️ib: on video “i look good in real life, right?” yes haruto you are! #haruto #boysplanet

♬ som original – kiki 🥊


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So, naturally, many were devastated when Haruto did not make the Top 18 ahead of the survival show’s finale.

Still, Haruto is reassuring fans that this isn’t the end for him. WAKEONE Audition/Casting/Training Team Official Instagram account posted handwritten letters from Haruto. He wrote messages in Korean, Japanese, and English, expressing his appreciation to fans who supported him and told them not to be sad. Haruto also reassured that he would work hard to prepare for his comeback, so he’s by no means giving up now!

Hi everyone!!
It’s Haruto
First I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported me throughout my journey on Boys Planet, until the very end. After my name wasn’t called, it was as if my heart shattered, and it did take a few days for reality to sink in. But I’m back on track, feeling great, and confident than ever so please don’t worry 😉
Being able to be a part of Boys Planet and receiving so much love and support was a dream come true for me.
I never expected so much people to like me, appreciate me, cheer for me since you know I’m kind of awkward. 🤣
But all the love gave me so much strength during the program and right now thanks to you guys I was able to get back up again, because I can’t stop now when you guys have given so much to me already.
The days I spent during Boys Planet was such a blessing, like living in a dream. Although unfortunately that dream has come to an end and I have to face reality again, I’m ok.
I know I’ll do great anywhere I go.
I’ll just succeed somewhere else right?!!
Positive energy 👍
Please don’t be that sad
I hope I can see you all again soon!
Until then, just know that I’ll be working hard preparing for my COMEBACK!! haha

— Haruto

| @wakeone.audition/Instagram

We’re always rooting for you, Haruto!

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