“Boys Planet” Krystian Is Going Viral For His Iconic Reaction To Being Eliminated From The Show

He really let his true feelings show!

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Boys Planet, a reality survival program modeled after Girls Planet 999, which created Kep1er, has recently hit its second round of eliminations.

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In episodes six and seven, the trainees participated in their second mission — a dual position battle where contestants had to perform one of twelve songs divided into three categories. Some of these performances, like the “ACES” unit, received a lot of attention on social media.

During the eighth episode, the rankings were revealed, revealing that several fan favorites would be leaving the show, including the trio of Anthonny, Krystian, and Park Jihoo.

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Fans were sad to see them go and shared their feelings on social media about them being eliminated.

Though these eliminations can be extremely sad for those participating, Krystian might have felt slightly different about his elimination!

While appearing on the show, participants cannot use their personal social media accounts. Instead of deleting them entirely, many trainees abandoned them temporarily, like the show’s number one spot Sung Hanbin.

Krystian, who had a significant following before the show, was another that left their account alone while appearing on the show but ended his social media hiatus with a bang.

Shortly after the episode aired, Krystian posted a series of photos on Instagram. The star looks at the camera in each shot while doing different poses.

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| @krystianwang/Instagram
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While the photos were cute, Krystian’s caption, “I’M FREEEEEE!!!!!!!” on the post attracted the most attention!

Most hilariously, it seems like Krystian referenced an online meme of a tweet posted by internet personality Trisha Paytas, copying the first part of her tweet entirely. The rest of the tweet reads, “WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY F*CKING LIFE,” so fans have interpreted his post as meaning he was happy to be eliminated.

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Fans found the post hilarious and are excited about his future now that he is “free!”

This situation is a little similar to what Lelush, a competitor in China’s Produce Camp 2021, went through when he pleaded with fans to get himself eliminated. You can read about that below.

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