“Boys Planet” Ma Jing Xiang Gains Attention From Korean Voters With His Baby Face And Lean Muscles

According to this fan, nothing compares to how he looks like IRL.

Another Boys Planet contestant is gaining attention from Korean voters. Previously, trainee Zhang Hao was highly praised for his good attitude toward learning the Korean language. This time, Chinese trainee Ma Jing Xiang has been going viral for his physique.

After a dance practice video was released, fans realized just how muscular the trainee was.

As he is still rather lean, it’s hard to tell how muscular he is under sleeves. The dance practice video gave fans a chance to see his toned arms.

Netizens were pleasantly surprised by his physique, which contrasts with his baby face.

He’s the perfect definition of reverse charms!

Netizens created side-by-side comparisons of his stacked body versus his innocent face.

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The photos on the left are from his pre-debut days, so Ma Jing Xiang probably matured and worked out between the two photos.

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Netizens are praising him for this development and growth.

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He still has a youthful face, even as some of the baby fats are gone!

Ma Jing Xiang is one of the most popular foreign trainees on the show and how quickly the post went viral proves it.

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  • “Putting his nationality aside, isn’t he the one-top of Boys Planet in terms of visuals and physique?”
  • “You really wrote this business post well. It’s so nice of OP even to provide the video link. I’ve been sick, so I haven’t been able to vote recently, but I’ll definitely be voting for him today.”
  • “The broadcast tomorrow will be super fun. I voted for them because the scene with Ma Jing Xiang and Ricky looked so fun even in the preview.”
  • “Even if they’re a foreigner, kids who like Korea give off a good impression. Gotta vote for him.”
  • “After I saw this post, I saved it and began wondering what he looks like IRL… I’m so fascinated by how his ranking is so low.”
  • “OP, you have to take responsibility. After watching the previews and Rush Hour, I was just on the edge of becoming a fan, but after reading this, he’s about to become my one pick. I’m going crazy.”

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Someone even discussed how Ma Jing Xiang looks ethereal in real life.

Ma Jing Xiang is so handsome that it’s scary. His proportions are insane too. I think I’ll cry if he doesn’t debut. If you show people how he looks like IRL, he’ll be in everyone’s votes for sure… It’s such a pity. He also goes above and beyond for fan service and is good at performing. He dances so well and he suits the song too. He wore a white short-sleeved hoodie and a black tee layered under.

— Fan

We can’t show you what he looks like in real life, but catch the dance practice video in question to get a sense of how handsome he is!

Source: Nate Pann

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