“Boys Planet” Dance Mentor Is Being Criticized For His Misogynistic And Unprofessional Comment To A Global Trainee

Netizens brought back BLACKPINK Lisa’s positive comments toward the trainee!

Mnet has recently started airing its newest survival show , Boys Planet. Since it started airing, the show has gained a lot of mixed reactions for the portrayal of the trainees and the “evil editing” throughout the episodes.

Recently, netizens called out one of the mentors after his misogynistic and unprofessional comments toward a trainee.

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

One of the most known and spoken about trainees is Krystian.

“Boys Planet” contestant Krystian | Mnet

Even before he debuted on Boys Planet, Krystian was well-known to many fans and had already received praise for his talent, charisma, and visuals.

When he arrived on the show, it was no different as Krystian impressed netizens with his performances and quickly became one of the more well-known trainees on the show.


During the recent episode, netizens came to the defense of the trainee after dance mentor Mihawk Back (also known as Baek Koo Young) came under fire for his offensive and misogynistic comments towards the trainee.

Dance mentor Mihawk Black | @mihawkblack/Instagram

At one point in the episode, the mentors judged the group as an interim evaluation. Krystian had the “killing part,” and after the performance ended, Mihawk Back critiqued the trainee, explaining that he didn’t have enough charisma to execute the section.

While constructive criticism is always praised and accepted, netizens took offense to the next comment. The dance mentor then explained, “You need to look more powerful. When Krystian appears, he looks feminine.”

Although the word “feminine” is far from a negative comment, many hated that the mentor used the phrase negatively. It made it seem like being feminine meant you couldn’t be powerful in your performance.

Unsurprisingly, when the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t hide their anger at the comment from the mentor and his lack of professionalism.

In particular, many contrasted it to a comment made by BLACKPINK‘s Lisa when Krystian was on the show Youth With You 3.

While the Boys Planet mentor described him as “feminine” negatively, Lisa gave him constructive criticism and praised his style and aura.

After the clip was shared, one netizen shared that it wasn’t the first time Krystian had been subjected to comments like this, especially when he was at school. The OP shared a photo with comments that Krystian received at school.

| @Liang20020804/Twitter

  • Wang Nanjun (his Chinese name) got cursed at by his classmates when he was young, for being feminine and liking Hallyu.
  • When he was young, he got cursed at by his classmates on Tieba for being feminine….they said he’s a shemale.
  • In the end, his parents had to reach out to the school for the issue to be resolved…
  • Also, he loves Hallyu to the max. Now he’s up on stage in Korea, but it ends up being like this.

It isn’t the first time that netizens have shared their anger at Krystian’s treatment during the show. In the same episode, netizens criticized Mnet for “Evil editing” the trainee to make it look like his behavior was “rude.”


You can read more about netizens calling out Mnet for their treatment of Krystian below.

Netizens Defend “Boys Planet” Contestant Krystian After Being Criticized For His “Rude Behavior” During The Recent Episode

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