Netizens Defend “Boys Planet” Contestant Krystian After Being Criticized For His “Rude Behavior” During The Recent Episode

Netizens are noticing a trend with Mnet and the Chinese contestants.

Since Mnet started airing its newest survival show, Boys Planet, the show has gained attention for many reasons. It wasn’t surprising that it also received negative backlash for its “Evil editing.”

Recently, netizens have mixed reactions to Boys Planet after a clip went viral, allegedly showcasing trainee Krystian‘s “rude behavior.”

“Boys Planet” contestant Krystian | Mnet

In the recent episode, it seemed like Mnet was back to their old games with the “Evil Editing” of the global contestants.

While preparing for their upcoming performance, one clip has gone viral, and it seemingly showcases contestant Krystian’s “rude behavior.” In the video, Krystian asks, “Position, which is it? What’s it?” Yet, with the music and editing, it was taken as “rude” behavior.

FNC Entertainment trainee Na Kamden then started explaining what they were doing as a group, and Krystian’s replies seemingly rubbed many netizens the wrong way.

Kamden: Right now? it’s this one.

Krystian: Ok, what’s the next one?

Kamden: This one this one.

Krystian: We gotta do the formation first, dya know.

Later in the clip, while practicing the dance and performance, there seemed to be some miscommunication between the trainees. Krystian explained why it was confusing for him.

But I suddenly feel that, today (after the roles have been changed), I only have a minute-ish. For this part, I don’t want to… [trails off] I want to stand more in the center.

— Krystian

While the original OP seemingly was supporting Na Kamden and criticized Krystian’s behavior…

It’s the first time I’m seeing such a thing on a survival show. Krystian wanted to stand in the center position and ignored the original formations… It’s the start of Na Kamden’s suffering.

— OP

International netizens took into consideration that Mnet was editing in a particular way, adding dramatic music and chopping up scenes to make them seem even more dramatic. In particular, many pointed out that it wasn’t a surprising reaction considering what had happened in the episode. Many also shared their shock at the negativity Krystian was receiving due to the clip.

Yet, along with the support from international netizens and the belief that Mnet was evil editing, many shared a clip from earlier in the episode that seemingly made Krystian’s behavior more understandable.

Earlier in the episode, following the interim evaluation, the members discussed their parts in the song and changed them. During the clip, fellow member Ricky explained his thoughts on the parts.

I think it’s really simple. In my personal opinion, to win against Team K…that part I’m dancing…to be honest, that vibe is the best. It’s equally matched with theirs.

— Ricky

One of the parts that were going to be changed was taking the “killing part” off Krystian. So, it wasn’t surprising that Krystian was trying to keep things the way they were.

Krystian: Can we not just leave things as it is? Do you guys trust me?

Other contestant: It’s not an issue about if we trust you or not, to be honest, we just want the performance to be the best.

Krystian then showcased his more vulnerable side and how passionate he was bout doing the killing part by adding, “I do want to say that this means so much for me too. Please don’t rip this out of me.”

While Mnet is known for its “evil editing,” it seems like the program has used the method to showcase the global trainees in a negative way.

You can read more about Mnet’s “evil editing” below.

The “Boys Planet” Chinese Contestants Come Under Fire For Their “Rude Behavior” Towards Fellow Global Trainee Na Kamden

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