“He Recommended That Song But He Has A Neck Tattoo…” — “Boys Planet” Ricky Gains Attention For His Flirty Fanservice

Jealousy is a disease.

The Boys Planet “Over Me” team recently held a mini fanmeeting for a lucky number of fans who won a raffle. During the fanmeeting, the boys entertained the fans by dancing to their hit track and more. Ricky gave superb fanservice during the short meeting, and quickly went viral for it.

Not only did he dance specially for a single fan…

…but he also gave out his rose.

A special segment also had him call a blessed fan on the phone. The plot thickened when the fan dropped the bomb and revealed that she had gone to another idol’s fansign on the very same day. Before the call ended, Ricky recommended a song to her but the song choice had everyone going insane.

Ricky calling the fan. | Nate Pann

He even sang a song for her!

Tonight, don’t think about anything else. Let’s meet in your dreams. And before you sleep, how about one song? Okay?

— Ricky

Ricky had recommended the song “Kissin’ On My Tattoos” by August Alsina. Firstly, the song’s lyrics talk about a boy who has fallen for a girl who has other men after her. Ricky made a smart reference to the fact that the fan had gone to see another idol.

Comment about the lyrics. | Nate Pann

That song isn’t just because he has a tattoo on his neck, but I think he recommended it because the fan had gone to another male idol’s fanmeeting, he probably wanted to say this to them.

— Comment on forum

The song selection is genius for two reasons. Firstly, not only did it make a play on the fan going to someone else’s fanmeeting, Ricky also has a neck tattoo. He is a rare Boys Planet trainee to publicly be known to have one.

His flirty tactics had everyone going insane.

Comments about his flirty ways. | Nate Pann
  • F*ck I’m going to lose my mind.
  • Ah… He had a neck tattoo? F*ck
  • F*ck I want to give it to him.
  • Sigh this crazy…
  • F*ck is he telling them to kiss his own tattoos? This is too stimulating.

He may be freshly legal in South Korea, but he’s already got all the flirty moves down!

Source: Nate Pann
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