“Boys Planet” Fans Create An “Ideal Spinoff Group” Of Contestants Who Didn’t Make It Into ZEROBASEONE

“Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty solid lineup serving face and talent.”

While many viewers of Boys Planet were excited about the final line-up for ZEROBASEONE, others were disappointed that their favorites didn’t make it in. And while some netizens just vented their frustration on social media, others took it a step further by making up their own ideal line-up.

One such line-up has been getting a fair amount of attention online, with many people saying that they would’ve preferred it over the actual winning group. Given the name 1 of Boys (or 1OBS), the line-up consists of seven follow-up contestants from Boys Planet.

The fan-made “ideal line-up” | Pann Nate

With this line-up, the average age of the members is 21, the average height is 180cm (5’11”), and there’s a vocalist-to-rapper ratio of 5:2, all of which appeals to a lot of people.

The oldest member would be Lee Seunghwan, a vocalist born on May 20, 2000 (making him 22) who stands at 178cm (5’10”). He placed 24th on Boys Planet.

Lee Seunghwan

The next oldest in the “ideal” line-up is Na Kamden. The rapper was born on June 9, 2001 (making him 21), and he’s 182cm (5’11.5″) tall. He placed 17th on Boys Planet.

Na Kamden

Park Hanbin is the third-oldest member of the imagined group, born on March 1, 2002 (making him 21). His strengths are as a vocalist, and he’s 175cm (5’9″) tall. He placed 11th on Boys Planet.

Park Hanbin

The middle-aged member of 1 of Boys would be Lee Junghyeon. He was born on September 11, 2003 (making him 19), he’s the second of the two rappers in the group, and he stands at 183cm (6′), making him the tallest. He placed 15th on Boys Planet.

Lee Junghyeon

The third-youngest member in this line-up is Yoo Seungeon, born on January 2, 2004 (making him 19). Another vocalist, he stands at 179cm (5’10.5″). He placed 16th on Boys Planet.

Yoo Seungeon

The second-youngest member in this imagining is Kum Junhyeon. He was born on January 15, 2004 (making him 19), he’s also a strong vocalist, and his height is 181cm (5’11.5″). He placed 14th on Boys Planet.

Kum Junhyeon

Finally, Mun Junghyun is the youngest member of this “ideal” line-up, born on March 31, 2005 (making him 18). Also a vocalist, this potential maknae is 182cm (5’11.5″) tall. He placed 29th on Boys Planet.

Mun Junghyun

This line-up was shared on an online forum, where netizens had a lot of positive comments to share about how they felt over the member choices.

How do you feel about this group of Boys Planet contestants ending up in a line-up together?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

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