THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and Hyunjae Reveal Each Other’s Greatest Strengths

“He’s really cool and sexy when he dances.”

In a recent interview with Allure Korea, THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon and Hyunjae revealed each other’s greatest strengths.

Hyunjae and Juyeon | Allure Korea

When asked to reveal each other’s strengths, Hyunjae picked Juyeon’s sexy and charismatic performances as one of his greatest abilities.

Juyeon has also been recognized by fans for his passionate performances.

Despite his cool stage presence, in real life, Juyeon is the opposite.

Juyeon is really cool and sexy on stage, but when he comes down, he’s full of sloppy charms.

— Hyunjae

According to Hyunjae, that’s part of what makes Juyeon so attractive!

Juyeon not only chose Hyunjae’s honey-like vocals as one of his best qualities…

…but also the fact that he’s good at everything!

According to Juyeon, Hyunjae is a valuable team member who always looks out for everyone.

I always say this. Hyunjae is good at everything and takes good care of everyone. So the members are touched by Hyunjae without even realizing it.

— Juyeon

Watch their full interview below!