THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Shocked Fans With Bright Pink Hair For Their Latest Comeback

“Pink hair has never looked so HOT!”

On July 16, THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo posted two selfies to Twitter with cute emojis to help him hide the area from his lips all the way to the top of his hoodie. Seeing as THE BOYZ had already announced their August 9 comeback, their fans (Deobis) began to think about what hair color and style Sunwoo could possibly have!

A few days later, fans were treated to huge sneak peek when 아이돌Live (Idol Live) accidentally posted a preview for an upcoming video with THE BOYZ, revealing each member’s new looks! While the clip was deleted shortly after it was uploaded, Deobis who had already seen it were completely shook. Could they really be getting hot pink Sunwoo for Thrill Ride album promotions?

Finally on July 27, the “[THRILL-ING] SPLASH” concept photos were released and it was confirmed that Sunwoo would indeed be rocking pink hair this comeback!

The same day, Sunwoo took to the group’s Twitter once again and posted uncovered versions of his original selfies with the simple caption: “Pink”

Deobis everywhere are freaking out, with some that just can’t contain their excitement over Sunwoo’s fluffy pink locks:

And some who chose to express their love in a more meme-y way:

What do you think of Sunwoo’s bright pink hair?