THE BOYZ’ Younghoon Will Sit Out “Kingdom” Performances Due To Surgery

He will be sitting out following his doctor’s recommendations.

Cre.ker Entertainment has announced that THE BOYZYounghoon will be sitting out from the upcoming Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War performance as he recently underwent surgery.

The company released a statement via the group’s official fan-cafe, explaining that he will not be appearing in THE BOYZ’ Round 3 performance.

After an injury in 2019, he had a steel rod inserted into his collarbone. Recently, he underwent successful surgery to remove the rod and was advised by his doctor to refrain from excessive movement for two months in order to fully recover.


The full statement is as follows:

Hello. This is Cre.ker Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding THE BOYZ’s Younghoon’s injury and treatment.

Younghoon, who injured his collarbone in 2019 and received treatment for it, underwent surgery at the end of April to remove the steel rod that had been inserted at the time.

The surgery to remove the steel rod does not stop him from participating in everyday activities, but the doctor has advised that he refrain from excessive movement for about two months. Therefore, Younghoon was unable to participate in Round 3 of Mnet’s Kingdom and during his recovery, he will remain seated for performances during [THE BOYZ’s] scheduled activities. This includes the activity on May 21.

We will do everything we can to ensure that Younghoon is able to meet fans in good health as soon as possible

We ask for fans’ generous understanding. Thank you.

We hope that Younghoon makes a quick recovery!

–Cre.ker Entertainment

Source: Twitter