Brave Girls’ Producer Now Owes Them “Chanel” Bags Following Their Recent Success

The girls won’t let him get away with this one.

Brave Girls is a hot topic of conversation these days due to the recent success of their 2017 song, “Rollin'” and the music broadcast wins that followed.

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A fan video that recently went viral caused the song to top the charts 4 years after the song’s release.

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Not only did the song top Korean music charts, but Brave Girls also recently won 1st place on SBS‘s Inkigayo for the first time since their debut.

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In light of their much-deserved success, a remark that Brave Girls made about a promise their producer, Brave Brothers made is gaining attention.

During a recent interview on the YouTube channel, Entertainment Genius, Minyoung revealed that Brave Brothers made a promise in the past regarding their 1st-place win.

Back in the day, our boss promised us that he would buy each of us a Chanel bag if we took 1st place.

— Minyoung

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And she didn’t miss her opportunity to hold her boss to the promise.

You have to remember stuff like this. I remember it very clearly, Boss. Real men keep their promises. We like Chanel. I really want to have one.

— Minyoung

Will Brave Brothers keep his promise and flex hard?

| @bravegirls.official/Instagram

Let’s hope Brave Girls keep us posted!

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