Brave Brothers Keeps His Promise From 4 Years Ago And Orders “Chanel” Bags For Each Brave Girls Member

The girls are getting their “Chanel” bags!

With the smashing success of Brave Girls‘ 2017 song, “Rollin'”, the members recently called out to their producer, Brave Brothers, and asked him to keep his promise of buying them Chanel bags if they won 1st place.

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Well, it looks like Brave Brothers came through!

Because on a recent broadcast of MBC‘s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noonthe members updated listeners that they got to chat with Brave Brothers about it.

We still haven’t receive the Chanel bags, but he said he ordered them already.

— Brave Girls

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According to the members, Brave Brothers actually didn’t remember that he made the promise.

He asked us, ‘Did I say that?’

— Brave Girls

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But regardless of his memory, he decided to reward the girls for their hard work.

He told us that he went online and ordered different bags that suit each of us individually.

— Brave Girls

When Brave Girls recently took 1st place with “Rollin'”, the members called out to Brave Brothers and asked him to keep his promise since they love Chanel bags.

And fans are happy to hear that Brave Brothers didn’t hesitate to flex hard on his girls!

Who’s excited to see them with their new designer bags?

Source: Dispatch
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