Brave Girls Reveal What All Has Changed For Them Since “Rollin'” Blew Up

They listed the major changes in their lives since they found success with “Rollin'”!

Brave Girls became a well-known girl group back in February when their 2017 song “Rollin'” went viral, and they recently shared all that has changed in their lives ever since their newfound success!

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Brave Girls recently sat down for an interview with Hanbam TV on their Youtube channel, where they talked about themselves and their latest summer comeback, “Chi Mat Ba Ram”!

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During the interview, the members were asked to talk about all the changes that have occurred in their lives in the past 3 months. Yujeong shared that there has been significant change, from their living situation to their perception of themselves!

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She talked about their dorm life, and revealed that at first, they all lived together while sharing one bathroom. But now, that’s completely changed! They all live in individual apartments in the same building, and credit this as their biggest change!

First off, our dorm changed. We all live individually. That would be the biggest change.


Yujeong then shared the next big change that came with the success of “Rollin'”: plenty of stage outfits! They talked about the outfits they had on for the interview, and Minyoung revealed that as their budget increased, so did the details on their many outfits! Referencing the pale blue outfits they had on, she further revealed how each shiny bead had been sewn on individually by hand, a feature their outfits lacked previously!

Apart from that [new dorms], we now have a lot of stage outfits!


The third and final change that Yujeong mentioned was the fact that after the success of “Rollin'”, the members now all had more confidence in themselves! When asked to elaborate, she talked about how they could never be sure of the love they would receive from fans, and have only recently begun to feel the love and support!

Last time, we were not sure of how much love we were receiving. It hasn’t been long since we’ve recognized the support.

We had a video-call fansign event. So many fans were happy about it; they showed us our autographs, waving to us. That’s when we really felt that we’re now really getting a lot of love and support. So we are thankful every single day.


Brave Girls deserve all this and more for all of their hardwork over the years!

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You can watch them talk about it here:

And don’t forget to check out their comeback with “Chi Mat Ba Ram” here!

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