Brave Girls’ Eunji Reveals Why She Held Back From Crying When She Saw Their Comeback MV

She decided to hold her tears back for a reason!

Brave Girls made their comeback with their latest summer album, and Eunji revealed why she held back from crying when their at their showcase!

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Brave Girls held an online showcase for their latest comeback, where they performed their latest song, “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, and also talked about their first comeback in 10 months!

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After having gone viral in February for their 2017 song “Rollin'”, a number of their other songs also climbed up the charts, such as “High Heels” and “We Ride”, and anticipation was high for their new release!

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And during their showcase, Eunji revealed that she almost cried while watching their MV, but held back!

When the music video started showing before, I teared up. I fought back the tears thinking that I should cry once we come in first place. Getting to this point was really hard.

We were so desperate when we came out with ‘Rollin’,’ and we still are, but we also are very grateful.


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Brave Girls made their comeback with the album Summer Queen and title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: The Korea Herald

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