Brave Girls Reveal Their Honest Feelings About “Rollin'” Going Viral 4 Years After Its Release

“I balled my eyes out.”

Brave Girls‘ 2017 song, “Rollin'” recently topped the charts 4 years after its initial release following the viral YouTube video comprised of their past performance clips as well as fans’ comments.

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Despite the amount of time that has passed since the song’s initial release, the song hit number 1 on the music charts, and while fans are both ecstatic and surprised, Brave Girls revealed how they reacted when they found out in a recent interview with News1.

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While this is good news, Minyoung expressed that she had mixed feelings at first.

I was in a daze, and since this was the first time something like this happened, I felt anxious. But thanks to the love of friends and fans, it started to hit me.

— Minyoung

On a similar note, Yujeong also shared that she was doubtful when she first heard the news.

It was fascinating, but I also assumed that it would die down quickly once another song came out. But when the song kept climing the charts and hit number 1, I cried my eyes out. I’m thankful for all the sudden love, and I’m thankful to our fans for keeping us going until now.

— Minyoung

Moreover, Eunji weighed in on her thoughts as to why “Rollin'” went viral again after 4 years.

I heard it became popular after a YouTube video was posted and went viral. We looked really happy in the video. The soldiers we were performing for were cheering us on, so their energy probably made us work harder. I think ‘Rollin” went viral because of those who cheered us on, the oppas who made the song, and fans who commented.

— Eunji

And due to the love they’re receiving, Brave Girls added that they’ll be performing the song live!

Thanks to the amazing opportunity, we’re confirmed to perform ‘Rollin” on the music stage next week! We hope the performance gains lots of interest!

— Minyoung

The agency also announced that fans can look forward to radio and variety appearances as well!

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Could this be the big break that Brave Girls deserve?

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Check out the video that made it all happen below:

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