Brave Girls To Make A Speedy Comeback With New Album On August 23

This album will continue the story from their previous album.

According to Brave Entertainment, Brave Girls will release a new song on various music platforms on August 23 at 6 PM KST. This will be a speedy comeback as they just released their fifth mini album, Summer Queen, back in June. 

In the black and white photos released online, they girls boasted a unique atmosphere as they stared at the camera with a deeper and more profound gaze. The chic mood makeup and sophisticated styling also raised expectations for the new song.

| Brave Entertainment

Brave Entertainment stated, “Brave Girls will drop their new album on August 23. This album will contain the story of what happens after their previous song, “We Ride.” We are confident that another hit song will be born. Please give them a lot of support and love.”

Source: newsen

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