Brave Girls’ Minyoung Addresses Her Past Promise To Shave Her Head If She Topped The Music Charts

The promise was made 4 years ago, but fans are “demanding” that she sees it through.

While Brave Girls are finally getting the attention they deserve after “Rollin'” topped the charts 4 years after its release, Minyoung addressed her past promise to shave her head if she ever topped the music charts.

| @nyong2ya/Instagram

During a press conference of Mnet‘s TMI News, Minyoung was reminded of a promise she made 4 years ago.

You made a promise to shave your head if you placed 1st on the music charts.

— Host

And in response, Minyoung confessed that she’s been getting DMs about it.

After we entered the charts with ‘Rollin”, I’ve been getting hundreds of DMs from fans about that promise.

— Minyoung

But Minyoung “begged” fans to let her off just this once.

I said that 4 years ago. Please spare me just this once. I promise to live as a good person.

— Minyoung

| @nyong2ya/Instagram

In light of their new accomplishment, Brave Girls made a new promise to fans.

Getting 1st place on the music charts feels like a dream, but we even get to perform in music broadcasts starting this week. If ‘Rollin” wins 1st place on those shows, we’ll put on an online concert.

— Brave Girls

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Back in March of 2017, Minyoung claimed that she would save off her head and eyebrows and wear a wig on stage if “Rollin'” won first place on the music charts.

| @nyong2ya/Instagram

And although they weren’t able to accomplish that at the time, they accomplished it 4 years later, leading to all sorts of opportunities on and off the stage.

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