Brave Girls Reveal How Pressured They Felt While Preparing For A Comeback In Just 3 Months

Minyoung revealed that they’ve never had such a short preparation period before!

Brave Girls took the K-Pop world by storm back in February 2021, when their 2017 song “Rollin'” went viral and earned them the popularity they deserve!

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After promoting the song on music shows, Brave Brothers revealed in March that their next comeback would be with a summer-related concept, and would be released in June, just 3 months later! And soon enough, the group recently came back with their album Summer Queen and the title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram”!

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For their comeback promotions, the members of Brave Girls sat down with Hanbam TV Entertainment for an interview on Youtube, where they also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of them preparing backstage, as well as a few minutes of the actual interview that took place!

In this video, Minyoung talked about their short preparation time for this comeback, and talked about the pressure they felt because of it.

We felt pressure since we haven’t prepared for an album this fast. But we are trying to enjoy the process.


They also talked about their title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, which refers to the swish of a skirt, and talked about how unusual the name was! Yuna revealed that while they were all a little apprehensive at first, Brave Brothers’ reasoning for the name got them all to come around!

We were uncertain when our producer first mentioned the title. [We were like]’Chi Mat Ba Ram’?! But he explained that he wanted Brave Girls’ era to come[with this song].


Brave Girls made their long-awaited summer comeback with “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, and reached new heights with their song!

Watch the MV here!

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