Brave Girls’ Stylist Under Fire For Music Bank And Queendom 2 Stage Outfits

How are you feeling about their comeback?

Newly returned Brave Girls had their first comeback stage on KBS‘s Music Bank on March 25 to perform their new single, “Thank You”. The ladies’ long-awaited comeback, fresh off their immaculate run in 2021 with “Rollin”, had fans anticipating great things.

Yujeong performing “Rollin”

Many fans felt disappointed, however, when they laid eyes on Brave Girls’ comeback outfits—with many feeling the outfits left much to be desired.

Brave Girls for Music Bank | KBS Music Bank

Some fans also cited the fact that this was Brave Girls’ comeback performance as an additional source of disappointment. Displeased fans flocked to online community forums to voice their criticisms of the stylists’ choices.

Brave Girls’ “Thank You” music video | Brave Entertainment/YouTube

I mean, they must have made money from the success of Rollin… Change the stylist, the girls look corny AF!

— Netizen

Other fans were equally upset writing, “Wow at this level it seems like the label is challenging fans“, and, “Why are the music and wardrobe straight out of 2012?”

This is not the first time Brave Girls’ stylist has come under scrutiny as some fans also had mixed feeling about the wardrobe choice for Queendom 2.

A few are saying, compared to ensembles worn by groups such as LOONA



And the stylistic choices made by WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls)…



The wardrobe choices for Brave Girls could have been better.

On the other hand, many of Brave Girls’ fans loved the comeback, outfits and all. Fans commented on the group’s performance, “Brave Girls is one of the most talented and unique groups. No one can slay concepts like them. They also have top visuals, vocalists, and dancers”, and, “I’m so happy every time I watch them, they are just so talented, love you so much Brave Girls Fighting!”

Check out the girl’s Music Bank performance below. Are fans being unfair, or should Brave Brothers trade in his Maybach for some Chanel?

Source: Nate and YouTube

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