Brave Girls Were Surprised When They First Met Jessi-Here’s Why

They revealed why they were all surprised!

Brave Girls recently shared their first impression of Jessi, and it’s totally true!

Brave Girls | @BraveGirls/Twitter

Brave Girls recently appeared on Jessi’s Showterview, officially kickstarting their comeback promotions after recovering from COVID-19 and finally being released from quarantine!

During the show, they played the “yaja time”game where everybody reverses their ages; such as the oldest become the youngest, and vice versa, and talks to each other accordingly! While playing the game, the members of Brave Girls talked about meeting Jessi for the first time, and explained why they were surprised at her first impression!

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

While Jessi was under the impression that she’d never met the group before, Brave Girls was quick to assure her that they had, in fact met once, years ago! Yuna revealed that in 2020, while Brave Girls promoted their single “We Ride”, Jessi was promoting her hit single “NunuNana” at the same time, and met them at a show!

When we promoted “We Ride”, [and] when you were promoting “NunuNana”. We greeted each other!


Yujeong, while hilariously referring to Jessi as her “baby” (because she’s the oldest), talked about how kind she was when they met back then, and all her members agreed!

My baby was so kind back then! I actually assumed you’d be very tough and wild, but when my baby said hello to us first…that was so sweet of you! We were very grateful to you. I wanted to let you know this.


Jessi, in turn, told Brave Girls how much she admires them, and relates to them a lot because of their similar struggles to find success as musicians.

I also wanted to tell you this. As a matter of course, the fact that you finally made it to here after the long time as unknown singers shows that as long as you keep doing your best, you’ll see the light of the day someday.

I can relate to you so much and I feel so proud of you.


Both Jessi and Brave Girls have made it! You can watch their heartwarming interaction here!

Brave Girls recently made their comeback with the album Thank You and a title track of the same name. You can watch the MV for “Thank You” here!

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