Brave Girls Tests Negative For COVID-19 But Plans To Still End Promotions

They will stop all promotions to protect their artists.

Brave Girls announced that they would be ending promotions regardless of their COVID-19 test results. According to Brave Entertainment, “Brave Girls, who took a test as a preemptive response, has been confirmed negative for COVID-19. Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, we have decided to end our activities regardless of our results to protect our artists.”

As for the related staff members, they are still in self-isolation at home, waiting for the test results. Brave Girls, who recently made a comeback with their fifth mini album, Summer Queen, had to stop activities due to the COVID-19 situation.

As a result, their song “Pool Party,” which was scheduled to be carried out after the completion of “Chi Mat Ba Ram” activities, has been canceled as well.

Source: sports khan

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