Brave Girls’ Yujeong Reveals Why Brave Brothers Chose Not To Advise Them On Their Comeback This Time

“He didn’t give any advice.”

Brave Girls‘ latest comeback, “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, was highly anticipated after the success of their song, “Rollin'”, and the members were asked about Brave Brothers‘ reaction and advice on their summer comeback!

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Brave Girls were recently filmed practicing the choreography for their latest comeback, “Chi Mat Ba Ram” by KBS K-Pop, and also sat down for an interview with them where they answered questions about their personal and professional lives!

While talking about their comeback, the members of Brave Girls expressed shock at how their new MV had already reached 26M views (the MV is currently at 31M views)!

Yujeong was then asked if their producer and CEO, Brave Brothers, gave them any advice on their comeback this time, and she revealed that rather than giving them advice, he expressed only the utmost confidence in the group instead!

He didn’t give any. He was just full of confidence.


Yuna then revealed how the members were the ones who were the most worried due to preparing for the comeback in just 3 months, but their worries went away when their song was received with so much love!

As we didn’t have enough time to practice even till the comeback day, we were very worried but it alleviated after seeing many people love their song. [We thought] ‘Oh, they’re loving us.’

Now we have a mindset that we just need to enjoy the stage so we are less pressured.


Brave Girls will be releasing a surprise digital single titled “Summer By Myself (Piano Ver.)” on July 9 as a treat for their fans. Until then, catch their summer release “Chi Mat Ba Ram” here!

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