Brave Girls’ Yujeong Shocks Guests By Admitting To Doing This To Gain Her Glamorous Figure

Other guests responded to Yujeong with shock yelling, “What!!! Really?”

Brave Girls Yujeong is gaining attention for the lengths she went to gain her glamorous figure.

Yujeong | @braveg_yg/Instagram
Yujeong | @braveg_yg/Instagram

The Brave Girls member was featured on the May 8 episode of KBS2’s Bbaegopa (I Want To Lose It).

Bbaegopa | KBS2

On this day, Kim Shin Young told Go Eun Ah that she needed to work out her upper chest, to which Go Eun Ah replied that she has always had folds due to her large breasts.

Go Eun Ah | @koeuna88/Instagram

The guests and hosts on the show then started sharing tips on how to make your breasts larger. Bae Yoon Jeong pointed to an old Korean myth that drinking strawberry milk makes women more glamorous. The dancer stated, “When I would go to the bathhouse with my friends, we would only drink strawberry milk.”

Bae Yoon Jeong | Bbaegopa/KBS2

Other stars pointed out other myths such as eating cheese and not wearing underwear as not being as effective.

Kim Shin Young | Bbaegopa/KBS2

When a guest brought up the myth, “Your breast grows when someone else touches it,” Brave Girls’ Yujeong, who is well known for her glamorous figure, exclaimed, “You’re right! I made a lot of my friends touch them,” to which other guests expressed their shock with one yelling, “What!!! Really?”

Yujeong | @braveg_yg/Instagram

Although it may seem very unconventional, Yujeong is well known for her quirky and adorably friendly personality. Perhaps it was easier for Yujeong to ask her friends for “help” due to her bubbly personality!

Yujeong | @braveg_yg/Instagram

KBS2’s Bbaegopa (I Want To Lose It) is a diet show that features comedian Kim Shin Young, Ha Jae Sook, Bae Yoon Jeong, Go Eun Ah, Yujeong, Kim Joo Yeon, and Park Moon Chi.

Poster for Bbaegopa | KBS2
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