Brave Girls’ Yuna Hilariously Picks The Most Tiring Member Of The Group

When asked who tired her out the most, Yuna instantly had an answer ready!

The members of Brave Girls are incredibly close with one another, and while she treasures them, maknae Yuna has revealed that they also seriously tire her out!

Brave Girls recently sat down for an interview with KBS K-Pop, where they also shot footage of them practicing for their latest comeback in the practice room!

In between shots of them practicing, the members were also asked questions about themselves, and their group dynamic as a whole! As the dynamic amongst the members seems to be one full of high energy, Yuna was asked if she ever got tired of her unnies extreme bouts of energy!

Are there moments where you are tired of the other members’ high tension?

With a hilarious look of fake self-pity, Yuna revealed that she gets tired of their intense energy everyday, and chalked the reason up to blood type! While she’s type A, the rest of the members and even their manager is type AB, so the chaos is more than she can handle!

Everyday. All of their blood types are AB, and I am the only one with A. Even the manager is AB. So in the car, I am the only one with type A. Adapting to this kind of environment, I was forced to be strong.


She was then asked to name the most tiring member, and revealed that while it was initially Yujeong, she now considers all of them exhausting!

At first, it was Yujeong unnie, but now everyone is tiring and they’re getting worse!


Though the maknae has spilled her troubles, her interactions with her members are equally as chaotic as they are!

You can watch her talk about it here!

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