Brave Girls’ CEO, Brave Brothers, Is Building A New Company Building And It Is Fancy

He still owes the girls Chanel handbags!

Brave Girls have been on the rise with their song “Rollin'”. Although it took them 4 years since the launch of the song, they have finally achieved a perfect all-kill as well as first place on a music show with the hit track.

Recently, their CEO and producer, Brave Brothers, revealed that he was building an all new company building for Brave Entertainment. The new building will be 10 to 11 storeys high, with the company taking charge of the entire building space. With smaller companies, it is common for entertainment agencies to rent out a few floors in an existing building. However, Brave Entertainment will be owning the entire building in their case.

| @bravebrosyh/Instagram

However, despite his excitement, fans have been hilariously egging him on to keep his promise of buying each of the Brave Girls’ a Chanel bag. Currently, his Instagram account is being flooded with comments playfully asking him to keep the promise.

  • “Please keep your promise about the Chanel bags.”
  • “Please get the Brave Girls Chanel bags first!”
  • “That’s amazing~ Let’s aim to be a top 5 big company in South Korea~”

Here’s to hoping he keeps his promise!